Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just something [5/?]

Fandom: RPF - USGWT
Pairing: (Conflicted) Liukin/Johnson/Sacramone
Rating: PG-13 & above?

Disclaimer: This isn't real. (count: 5,322)

Summary: She has a crush on her, so did her friend. But the one being crushed on…isn’t that way. Things change and you learn to deal or let go.

A/N: A little late, but, happy holidays. This is a bit of a filler (which totally went off kilter, my apologies; no beta either so... it's all on me should it suck for you) -- lots of character developing & build up to the final.

All parts: Here, latest being #5

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  1. Hey, i totally loved this fic and was trying to reread it, but it totally disappeared. Any way you could help?